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The origin of the name

The name was adopted from Bruce Chatwin, who referred to his favorite notebooks as his "carnet moleskines" (moleskine notebooks) for the similarity of the cover material with a mole's skin.


How to say Moleskine

There is no correct way to pronounce the brand name "Moleskine", even if, considering its origins, most prefer to pronounce it with a French accent.

The first Moleskine notebook

The first Moleskine notebook was sold in the Feltrinelli Bookstore in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan.

In case of loss

The first page of every Moleskine reads "in case of loss, please return to: ….. As a reward: $..."  -a page inspired by one of Chatwin's thoughts when he wrote "Losing my passport was the last of my worries; losing one of my notebooks would have been a catastrophe."


Moleskine in architecture


Architects and designers have always been some of the greatest enthusiasts of Moleskine products. As in Le Corbusier's infamous "cahiers", the notebook becomes a survey tool; an archive for ideas, the beginnings of projects, sketches, travel memories and tidbits from daily life. Even in the studio, pens, pencils and albums accompany the architects' first planning stages before moving a project onto AutoCAD. Freehand drawing offers a unique freedom and physical connection, opening up cognitive paths that are fundamental to creativity. From 2009, Moleskine has celebrated hand drawing in creative professions with a special book series. La Mano dell'Architetto ("The hand of the Architect") is the first of the series, with contributions by Renzo Piano, Tadao Ando, Bolles+Wilson, Alessandro Mendini, Mario Botta, David Chipperfield, Massimiliano Fuksas, Richard Meier, Vittorio Gregotti, Zaha Hadid, Italo Rota, Michele De Lucchi, Gae Aulenti, Michael Graves, Kengo Kuma, Cino Zucchi, and Bob Wilson. 
The Detour archive contains many notebooks of infamous architects, including works by Toyo Ito, Renzo Piano, Yona Friedman, Massimiliano Fuksas, Italo Rota, Michael Graves, Odile Decq and Kazuyo Sejima. In 2012 Moleskine participated in the 13th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice with a series of events, seminars, talks and workshops in the Serra Dei Giardini.