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Welcome to the world of Cyril Vouilloz aka Rylsee, a universe made of drawings, letters and words. In a new editorial adventure, Moleskine Publishing brings to life the surprising, exciting and playful world of contemporary letter art.

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Minions Limited Edition Notebooks by Moleskine

Illumination's Minions, Kevin, Stuart, Carl and Jerry, are set to bring their subversive sweetness to a Limited-Edition Notebook collection by Moleskine.

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18 month planners: when 365 days aren't enough

If 365 days are never enough for you, it may be time to start using an 18 month calendar. You can start your year early and pack in a full 6 more months of planning. Designed to fit the academic calendar year, Moleskine 18 month planners are ideal for anyone who doesn't feel like planning their years from January to December.

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Blend Collection, where touch and colors meet

The textured notebooks in the Blend Collection are bound in fabric with a rich, intricate mesh, expressing the twists and turns of the thoughts we weave into the ivory pages of our notebooks. Now available in four new colors: Black, Red, Green and Blue.

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