Moleskine Smart Planner

Say goodbye to missed meetings and forgotten anniversaries. The new Smart Planner by Moleskine ensures that all the appointments you note down in your paper diary/planner immediately sync to your digital calendar.

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Ideas that rock. The Rolling Stones Limited Edition Collection.

The Rolling Stones Limited Edition Collection, pays tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time. 

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How to play with letters

Welcome to the world of Cyril Vouilloz aka Rylsee, a universe made of drawings, letters and words. In a new editorial adventure, Moleskine Publishing brings to life the surprising, exciting and playful world of contemporary letter art.

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Minions Limited Edition Notebooks by Moleskine

Illumination's Minions, Kevin, Stuart, Carl and Jerry, are set to bring their subversive sweetness to a Limited-Edition Notebook collection by Moleskine.

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