Personalization: organize your life around your notes

Organize your life around your notes and never loose track of your dreams again! A personalized Moleskine notebook is more than a nice-to-have it is an essential way to keep track of everything you think and do.

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Moleskine, Your Universe: a live painting performance

As a maker of tools for creativity and self-expression, Moleskine embraces the multifaceted nature of urban art movements that range from graffiti to stencil art and pop-surrealism. Which is why we are excited to present a special live event taking place on May 20 in Rome.

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Blend Collection, where touch and colors meet

The textured notebooks in the Blend Collection are bound in fabric with a rich, intricate mesh, expressing the twists and turns of the thoughts we weave into the ivory pages of our notebooks. Now available in four new colors: Black, Red, Green and Blue.

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Celebrating Keith Haring with a Special Edition Collection

Art is not something remote and untouchable, but something you can carry with you everywhere. Moleskine celebrates the iconic art of Keith Haring with a new Special Edition Collection.

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