Detour: the Moleskine Notebook Experience

Detour: the Moleskine Notebook Experience is the latest edition of a book celebrating the eponymous Moleskine travelling exhibition. A unique collection of more than 250 Moleskine notebooks that have been decorated, hacked, and sketched that demonstrate the endless possibilities that arise from using paper.

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Red Bull Doodle Art & Moleskine: Share your doodles with the world

As every doodler knows, picking up a pen or a pencil is only half the story – the ivory pages of Moleskine notebooks are the perfect doodling companions which is why we are excited about our partnership with the worldwide Red Bull Doodle Art competition. 

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ID Collection. A new line of Moleskine bags

Whether by design or by necessity, working on the move can strengthen creativity and open the mind to new ideas. But if your work tools are hard to reach, easily damaged or disorganized it can quickly become frustrating. Meet the ID Collection, a new line of bags for working on the move. 

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My Analog Cloud: Your identity on the move

Moleskine bags are more than just a way to carry with you what you need. They are analog clouds that contain within them your unique identity as you travel in the world. Play the game and find out what your unique identity on the move. 

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