Watch Rogier Wieland Create A Paper Wonderland

The new Making Of video reveals the creative process behind the Moleskine Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Limited Edition Collection video.

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Rogier Wieland returns: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Limited Edition

Dutch papercut artist Rogier Wieland is back with a new video that invites you to tumble down the rabbit hole and discover a world of creativity. 

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A lifetime of work in one notebook: Sylvia Chang Special Edition

We've partnered with the Hong Kong International Film Festival for the fourth time to celebrate another prominent representative of the Asian film industry. Sylvia Chang joins filmmakers Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Andrew Lau and Jiang Wen with her very own Special Edition Moleskine notebook. 

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Batman Limited Edition Collection: your key to Gotham City

Unlock your creativity with the mysterious urban superhero. The Moleskine Batman Limited Edition Collection rises.

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