Smart Writing Set

We live, work and play in parallel but not always connected analog and digital worlds. Moleskine unveils a unique way to keep your ideas connected as you move between your analog and digital lives.

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Peter Pan Limited Edition Collection

Who could fail to be captured by a story that features fairy dust, an island with no rules (and no adults) and a roguish child-chief who refuses to grow up? Awaken your inner child with the Peter Pan Limited Edition Notebook Collection. 

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Love comes in many shapes. Which is yours?

Love comes in many shapes and sizes but only one color. Whether you are looking for a gift for a significant other, for your friends or family, red expresses passion, gratitude and brotherly love. Go ahead and find your perfect match!

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Cahier XL with coloring cover by Carlo Stanga

Take a deep breath, pick up a pen or pencil and color in the blanks to turn your Cahier XL into something beautiful. The Cahier XL is now also available with a cover, with illustrations by Italian architect, illustrator and storyteller Carlo Stanga.

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